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Blood Glucose Monitor - The Blood Glucose Monitor is an Important Tool in the Battle to Control Diabetes

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The biggest problem with most diabetics is that as long as they are feeling fine they tend to forget that they need to use their blood glucose monitor keep a close eye on their blood sugar levels.

Diabetes is a very unforgiving disease and when a diabetic lets their blood sugar levels get out of control it can result in the person becoming faint and possibly passing out.

This includes those who take their medication even if they take insulin or use foods to help keep things under control.

The most common type of daily diabetes test is performed by using a diabetes blood glucose meter such as the Aviva Blood Glucose Monitor. To perform the test the patient usually pricks the tip of a finger and place a drop of blood on at test strip.

The strip is then placed in a meter that reads the blood sugar level, the reason that the fingertip is used as a test site is that of all the places on the body the fingertips react to changes in blood sugar levels more quickly.

After a person has undergone the testing required to determine which type of diabetes they have, they will need to use a blood glucose monitor for the rest of their lives to keep a close eye on their blood sugar level. If they are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes their body does not produce enough insulin and blood sugar levels will be far to high resulting in the need for insulin therapy that will help the bloodstream to break down the glucose and allow it to pass through the walls of the blood vessels and feed the body's cells.

If a person is diagnosed with type 2 or adult onset diabetes it means that their blood glucose levels are too low and for the most part can be controlled without the use of medications. The best way for most patients with type 1 diabetes to control their blood sugar levels with diet. This diet is rich in fruits and vegetables as well eating lean meats and avoiding fats, and foods high in cholesterol. However you will notice that many people with this type of diabetes tend to carry around some form of candy just in case they feel their blood sugar level starting to drop.

Being diagnosed with any type of diabetes can be a very frightening event in a person's life. However as long as they use a blood glucose monitor to keep a regular eye on their blood glucose levels there is no reason they cannot go on to lead a relatively normal life . The monitor simply lets them know if their blood sugar levels are getting close to the point of being out of tolerable limits. As long as the patient realizes that feeling good at the moment does not mean everything is under control and performs his regular tests, he can take the steps needed to make sure things do not get out of control.